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Updated: Jan 10

Have you, an independent designer standing in your studio, wondered “How do I sell more? Why am I not selling as quickly as I want to? How can i find wholesale buyers, new buyers, new business for my brand?”

It isn’t nearly enough to create a brand that “looks” good, it also as to sell well – and that is only possible when you identify a large enough market, target audience and demographic to sell to.

When launching a label, most independent designers spend a great deal of time and effort in developing a concept, sourcing, sampling. But competition is high, and sales is very tough. And most don’t find the time to do what is required to sell – market research, competitor analysis, target market identification, pricing strategy…the list is endless.

Selling to a hand full of followers is just not enough – it wont help your business grow and be sustainable. Like every business, you  will need to plan year after year, invest in growth, take some risks, try new geographies, find new business partners to work with.

Project SatatKi is one such partner – on the search for new avenues, testing new partnerships and investing a lot of time, money, effort in developing channels that can be leveraged by Independent designers to find their way to buyers across the world.

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