Doing a trade show the right way

Updated: Jan 10

The trade-show season is right around the corner and many of you are busy prepping. Booths have been booked, VM plans are in place, sampling is underway, visiting cards/ post cards are printed, catalogs are ready. But, have you taken a moment to think about how you will bring buyers to your booth? Do buyers already know of you? Do they want to stock you? Are you doing anything to ensure the return on investment from the trade show?

If it’s your first time participating in a trade show, then here are 3 key questions you ought to answer –

1.Do you have a plan to attract buyers to your store? Most trade shows have 1000’s of participants across different categories and at-least a 1000 in your particular category.  What are you doing to ensure that buyers come by to visit your booth? Feel free to share your “trade show marketing strategy” with us on for a free 30 min consultation!

2. Are you relying on walk-in buyers alone? Then take a moment to think about this – where is your booth located? The chances that you have been placed at the far back corner are very very high. Trade show organizers have to fill ALL.THE.SPACES. So the ones at the back will be given to the newcomers and the booths in the front will go to the labels that are more recognized, have performed well, are repeats and are in-demand. You will probably have very little or no visibility to walk-ins who tire out before they make it across half the floor.

If the trade show has given you a pre-registered attendee list, reaching out to them is never sufficient. In all probability the email ID they registered with is overflowing with marketing messages. You need to identify your own list of target buyers and invite them to your booth – or offer to send samples to the retailers if they are not coming to the trade-show. BUT HOW? It feels like a logistical nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be – for more on this.

3. If you are expecting to break even from the trade show? If your answer is YES, then think again.Buyers have never heard of you, will they take your label seriously enough? You may get a few buyers who have a higher capacity for risk and are willing to bet on a label that they have not seen or heard of. But is that number high enough for you to break even? We reckon not.

But really, Ii you want to start selling internationally to wholesale buyers, there is a right way to do that. You need to find the right retailers, familiarize them with your label, participate in the right trade-shows, at the right price points, invite people to your booth before the event and have a marketing plan that ensures your presence and continuity in the market.

At Project SatatKi, we provide services to help address all these concerns and more!

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