Four steps to Level up your Fashion Business

Dear Designer,

We talk a lot about helping you grow your fashion business but we realise to grow your business it will demand commitment not just from our end but also from yours.

There are several areas to focus your attention on when you're working to level up your fashion business. Here’s a personal pick of the top 4 things that matter:

1. Mindset

Whether you're starting up or levelling up your fashion business, you need to get your head in the right place. This means you need to work to identify the areas that are holding you back.

Is fear keeping you from doing what needs to be done to grow your business ? For example, are you scared to spend the money needed to level up a fashion business?

Are you lacking the confidence that you're capable of growing this business?

Do you worry about outcomes before taking the first steps to try something?

Do you have limiting beliefs?

If you're answering yes to some or all of these questions, it's time to work on your mindset. Because it will have a major impact on your ability to grow this business that you worked so hard to start. Inde’s ‘Understand your business’ questionnaire will help you identify different areas of your business that need to be looked into. 2. Thinking in Systems

From personal experience we at Inde can tell you that just knowing there are multiple systems to take care of while running a business and attending to them differently, changes the way you think and make strategic decisions. Like with most small businesses, one of the key challenges is having to think about and execute more than 1 job at a time.

Levelling up any business requires systems to be in place. Tracking various goals for each of the systems is a unique way to be on top of everything and also ensure you are not fire fighting continuously.

A project management system that helps you set up automation might be a good tool to invest in. We use Trello, Asana, Slack and Hubspot for everything we do. Get in touch with us to talk about systems in case you need help with getting started.

3. Goal setting

A key aspect of running a successful fashion business is to view it like a business and not like it’s a passion alone. Taking stock of personal and professional skills will help you set the right goals and keep you grounded. Setting goals will ensure that you do not run out of steam and also start to treat your business like a business. We have noticed multiple designers wanting to just focus on the design process and not the operations, marketing or sales systems . Sounds familiar? It is about being sure of what you can do best and what needs to be outsourced.

Our unique way of getting you to hack into your business model is with a try. Sign up for a session with us

4. Building Industry Knowledge

It’s both frightening and disappointing to see how many designers run businesses and open fashion brands without the real knowledge of product, consumer, market or opportunities. As Ben Franklin said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, and we couldn’t agree more. Our ability to be able to direct, guide, assist and educate clients comes from our constant search for industry knowledge. Imagine what you could do if you really knew how your consumers were thinking? Surviving the pandemic was hard but not impossible simply because we knew what our clients wanted. Getting an expert on board, or hiring a coach is the simplest way to get more information and understanding on how the market works and to finally start taking the risks you never thought you could.

Sign up for a free 30 mins chat with us and learn what it takes to grow your business. We don’t disappoint.

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