How to clean our lens once in a while

Updated: Jan 10

Hello dear reader, In the last couple of months of our existence, there have been so many new things we tried and tested. Results of which were multifold. Before you ask, yes, all measurable. We were able to generate international orders during the pandemic, participate in our first ever international virtual fashion tradeshow, build 2x the buyer accounts we had pre-pandemic, 5x our international buyer database in this time, consult for 50 new emerging designers, talk to 100 creative professionals, and establish a fully functional revenue stream. The list of win’s is far longer than the progress tasks. How did we manage to do so much, you may wonder- here are 4 challenging yet simple habits we swore by -

1. Invest in learning

We spent most of our time connecting with professionals around the world almost all the free time that we had. Age, experience and industry along with borders were no bar and we had no real defined outcome from our conversations planned. We took each conversation, each zoom call, each webinar and each day as it came. One of the key takeaways was that awareness is everything. Today we’re only that much wiser (or so we hope)

2. Ask questions

As George Canter once said - ‘the art of proposing a question, must be held of higher value than solving it’ - We cannot stress enough on how powerful a business model can get when you ask questions. Not just related to the financial soundness but also to those that directly probe the purpose of it. We reflected hard enough to come out stronger. But hold on, it didn't stop just there, it is a practice we continue to have. 3. Gather feedback

Those dreaded calls and emails with clients….we had them all. Feedback forms? We built them overnight. We just needed to know if we were doing our job well. And we kid you not, the result was better than we expected. Old relationships were rekindled, future opportunities were ideated and current business processes were re-looked at. Today we are more about ‘How might we, rather than How might I’. Those who we pay and those who pay us are all a team. 3 cheers to community building. 4. Sustainability is for real

As the whole industry is now adopting the idea of sustainability, we’ve only been able to champion and re-champion the need to have a slow, sustainable business model that is inclusive, transparent and focuses on long term goals as much as possible through this time. A high-ended, high sounding ambition does not need to come with guarantee of success. What it should come with, according to us, is stability and empathy. If you feel you would like to get clarity on how to run your fashion business sustainably, we help you identify aspects of your business that need working on along with the right tools. Drop us a comment or get in touch.

Take care and stay safe.

Love, Team SatatKi

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