Identifying your customer

Updated: Jan 10

Identifying your customers and targeting them correctly is one of the most important things you will do for your brand/ label. But do you know how to go about it? Just knowing the cities they live in, where they dine and shop and what salary bracket they fall in is not enough. You need to understand so much more about them!

Take for example this buyer persona – you will see it covers age, living situation, area of stay, shopping behavior, favorite shops and purchases, attitudes toward fashion and shopping, purchasing influences, practicality and style preference.

Young, urban woman, with a confident style and mid-range spending habits.

The group comprises of young women confident in their style, who like to express themselves through what they wear. Their wardrobe is an extension on their personality.

They are well aware of fashion trends but shop to suit their own individuality rather than relying entirely on the dictates of the season.

Overall, their spending is a little above average for women. They tend towards the midrange priced items — they may occasionally splurge on an expensive label but are definitely not bargain shoppers.

They do not buy a large number of products, relying mostly on buying key items for their look that they are confident in. They like to shop at fascia with an urban-chic style preferring shops such as Gap or H&M that they feel reflect their individual style.

They are also more likely to visit smaller independent stores to find clothes that will make them stand out from the crowd and reflect their individualism.

Less formal clothes such as boots and jeans are favorites. A typical shopping trip will consist of a wander around the shops close to their place of work, where a one special item or a few smaller items are bought.

They will also make use of online shopping, in their search for the perfect item to compliment their style. Although they have credit cards and use them, they do not usually need to rely on credit to fund their clothes spending and will often use a debit card instead.

Usually aged under 35, they share their homes with friends or partners, and live in flats in upmarket urban areas.

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