And what about that excess stock?

Updated: Jan 10

Are you left with more product than you had anticipated, and are now wondering what to do with it?

Here are our 3 favourites! Try them and tell us if they worked for you?

Bundle products together – discount them together, or try the BOGO!

A dress and a jacket, buy one get one. A top and those bottoms.

Gifts to Influencers

Influencer marketing has to account for a large part of your marketing strategy. And if it doesn’t, nows the time to get started with it, at no extra cost! Gift your excess inventory to influencers and drive more followers and traffic to your social media pages/ website/ store.

Giveaway on social media Make use of this excess inventory to engage with your followers on social media or tie up with fashion bloggers for giveaway contests. Everyone loves these! Nows the time to leverage this engagement tool for free.

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