Micro influencers and how to work with them

Updated: Jan 10

Since we talked about influencer marketing playing a very important role in your overall marketing strategy, we think it best to get into further detail. Coz really, it is worth the time and effort!

If you put the feelers out, you’l find hundreds of influencers in your segment – large scale ones as well as “micro influencers”. While the large scale ones are very expensive to work with, the micro influencers are a growing breed and some are not even sure if they should be charging you. But its important to remember that the micro influencers will grow – so if you can get your foot in the door while they are still small, you not only get more visibility now at a very low cost, but you also stand to benefit from a long term relationship when they grow big and have more followers.

So how do you evaluate these micro influencers and where should you be looking for them?

  • Look for people with 5000 followers or less

  • Look at smaller cities

  • Think of other geographic areas, globally

  • Check their conversion – their likes, comments

  • See if their followers are actual people

All said and done, there are plenty that will write about your label if you give them products for free! Some of them may have their ad rates and marketing options available on their blog, but if they don’t, you can simply begin with simply asking them if there is an opportunity to collaborate!

If you don't know how to create a list of micro influencers for your label, or you just need some help, email us on

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