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A fashion business consultant / agency / gallery for slow, independent brands from India

for designers . retailers . brand owners . design students


The Sketch to Store program has been created for independent brand founders and designers who are looking to grow their retail and wholesale business across global markets.


The program will solve various business problems like product development, range planning, product pricing, marketing assets and put together a go to market strategy for emerging designers and brands alike.

The heart of business happens globally in an offline showroom like setup at selected tradeshows around the world.


By participating in this format of selling offline, independent brands can take advantage of reduced costs, agent representations and cross marketing and promotions at prestigious locations across the globe.

Intelligent design, content and copy is everything an independent brand needs to get noticed and to be positioned correctly in the minds of their buyers.


At SatatKi, all marketing collaterals and creative needs like website, social media and brand assets are audited and executed with thoughtful intention and conscious efforts. 

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Using our framework +
your experience

Have a great design and idea for growth but not sure how to produce, market, and make a business of it? Whether you're a student, emerging designer, a fashion entrepreneur or even a brand owner, Project SatatKi can help connect you with the right people to take your idea from sketch to store

Project SatatKi's working framework

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Dhwani Bansal Jewellery

"I think talking to someone who knows me well enough and is not part of our organisation really helped get that perspective.


Also Shruti, you've got the knack of finding the pulse of the problem and untangling it. You're like my business shrink."

Nandini Studio

"Working with Shruti has been like opening the doors to other markets altogether. Going international requires a lot of planning, connections with buyers, keeping up with international trends and follow-ups. With Indé we didn’t have to go through the hectic work and we could actually focus on design alone.


It has been a great experience!"

Red Sister Blue

"It's been an absolute delight to work with team Satatki . We got a guidance to build a brand. Responsive team who we can depend on for future help also."

SatatKi Explorations

As part of our mission to establish independent brands from India in the global markets with a unique design first approach to retailing, each season, SatatKi explores collaborations that are evocative and experiential for all stakeholders involved. 

By committing to go to market with it's clients each season, SatatKi is excited to not only build it's own narrative as a fashion business agency in the global markets but also innovate and explore newer formats of retailing independent brands globally. 


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