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Project SatatKi is a first-of-its-kind fashion business that offers fashion business consulting and international marketing services to be the one-stop solution for all slow fashion, independent designers.

Project SatatKi's sole purpose is to help a rising number of independent fashion designers create a stronger and more sustainable business by providing the support that is required along every step of the international wholesale business chain. 

Having worked with over 100+ brands in India and placing them in over 10+ international stores globally, Project SatatKi is on a mission to make India a more noticeable country for design and not just production through it's campaign of #DesignedinIndia and #NotJustMadeinIndia. 

In it's purest form we are:

Satat: Hindi; Sustainability
Ki: Japanese; Spirit


Together, we are SatatKi: The Sustainable Spirit 

Our Team

Shruti Jaipuria founder of SatatKi

Founder & CEO

Born in a business family of a reputed silk textile manufacturer and export company in India,  Shruti grew up with a keen business acumen and an interest in everything sales, longevity and meaning.  

Her eye for amalgamating design and business, plays a principal role in the way she manages and envisions business growth for both her brand and her clients at Project SatatKi.

Her experience from running and managing multiple small businesses, working with a big 4 consulting firm, large scale export houses and also an impressive list of  homegrown brands from India, coupled with a Masters Degree in Global Fashion Retail from the world's #1 ranked Fashion Business School in London, allows her to develop and implement strategies that achieve sustainable prosperity for independent fashion brands from India looking to go global.

With a strong value system built on empathy, transparency and effective communication, she believes one has to consciously work towards ensuring accountability for goals and objectives, both creatively and commercially.

An avid traveler and learner, she loves all things purposeful, minimal and sustainable.

Ayesha Dias

Communication + Design Lead

A hybrid creative with experience working with sustainable start ups, corporates and advertising agencies. Her jack-of-all-trades approach has led her to practice her skills in various forms of design from animation to event curation.

Passionate about sustainability and exploring ways to incorporate it into business, design and life, she aims to find the balance between the creative and business world. She earned her Bachelor of Design at Monash Art, Design & Architecture.

Madhuri Harway

Program + Product Lead

With a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California, Madhuri's experience of working as an algorithm developer at a specialised neural modelling lab in the States, coupled with her program research skills within the education for impact sector in India, she is particularly passionate about developing scalable and sustainable strategies for businesses using data sets. 

An engineer by trade on a current mission to support and empower women through technology, she is also an aspiring artist, who works with acrylic paints

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