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The Sketch to Store program has been created for independent designers and brands who are looking to grow their retail and wholesale business across global markets. The program is designed to simplify the business side to fashion and deep dives into the brand’s retail and wholesale strategy, the financials and all the sales and marketing areas that one needs to get in order. By including experts like us in your range planning, working with us on your product’s global pricing or even designing and developing your marketing assets, you can expect to gather knowledge, find clarity and market your brand up to 5x globally.


Roadmap Your Business

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Product + Range Planning

Financial Plan

Financial Planning + Pricing

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Go to Market Strategy

Fashion Model

Sketch to Store with SatatKi.AI

Consultacy - Marketing

Marketing Services


Experience international buying offline by participating in intimate, curated tradeshows with other independent brands in a showroom style. Markets we explore tradeshows in are US, UK and EU. 

The heart of business happens globally in an offline showroom like setup at selected tradeshows around the world. By participating in this format of selling offline, independent brands can take advantage of reduced costs, agent representations and cross marketing + promotions at prestigious locations across the globe.

SatatKi AI

Experience international buying online by signing up for our targeted marketing services for independent brands. Markets we target are US, UK and EU. Methods we use are Emailer and Social.

Consultacy - Creative

Creative Studio

In order to grow your fashion business globally and get noticed by like minded buyers, we believe a design first approach to international retailing will set an Indian independent brand far ahead in the game. 

We support brand growth through intelligent strategy & design through creative services like photography, marketing collateral design and branding. 


Sampling & Production Services

We understand that for any brand and collection to go live, prototyping a sample and sourcing and stitching is equally important. 

We support brands and designers by bringing their ideas to life and have partnered with units that are open to sourcing, sampling and small batch production.  


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The Label Ode

One word that I can use to describe Shruti is  ‐ a problem solver. From tiny issues to figure out a big picture and looking at things holistically; she's always a call away. Always ready to figure out things through her experience and knowledge in this business. 

Getting a validation from her just puts you at ease. From issues of pricing, what to discuss with buyers and  creating a business model; she's really a one man army. 


Headstrong by Hema

The module was really helpful in understanding small but important details that I was not able to see earlier. 

The excels are pretty self explanatory and the interviews helped me to move out of my comfort zone and have conversations with clients that I have been serving and designing. 

I would absolutely recommend the modules from SatatKi to other designers and brands our there looking to grow their business. Also thank you for being so humble and patient throughout

product photography / BTS and brand videography / brand + product campaign design / marketing emailer design / lookbook design

linesheet design / brand web design / brand social media feed design / branding + logo design / brand visual assets + narrative design

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