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SK x Nappa Dori: A journey home

Particularly looked at as functional, minimal and a detail oriented brand, Nappa Dori’s product and merchandise range seems to make our hearts melt and eyes well with appreciation when we talk about all things fashion, lifestyle and retail. 

We therefore conceived a simple narrative environment for their product from the lens of the types of travelers we are. The fugitives from the familiar, the intriguing type, the delusional, the escapist, the lost with a distance.  

Nappa Dori’s journey and establishment in the global markets with what we see as a design first approach to international retailing has not only been inspirational but also a huge reason our founder believes in her own vision of #designedinIndia #notjustmadeinIndia.

shot and styled: Farhat Shaukat
model: Ayesha Dias

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